Hi everyone and thanks for your interest.

I'm part of the dev team for the Westeros project. As you might have guessed this project is no longer moving forward. Unfortunately were were never able to put together a dedicated team large enough to do this project justice. There was a very dedicated revolving team of 5-6 people to whom a world of thanks is owed. I think you'll all agree that this was an amazing vision for a mod and unfortunately the internet told us that there was not enough development interest, so we shut it down. The remaining few of us who closed the doors have moved on to develop original game content. In the meantime, I'd like to post a little bit of what we accomplished.

Most of the development time was overhead, getting the infrastructure in the ground to support such a large project and team. Unfortunately much of that does not come through in these images. What you will see is Winterfell's Godswood in all its mysterious, ancient glory. Ned Stark as developed by our ridiculously talented modeler. Some amazing house banners and a few other things. I hope you enjoy and I'm sorry to say that this is the last we'll be working on the project.

If anyone is interested in source files or us releasing some of the playable files to the public, message me on Reddit.

Links to screenshots are below. I hope you can enjoy our 9 months of hard work. Thank you for looking!